दुबई से ✈️ Flight शुरू, आज पहला विमान दुबई से उड़ा, टर्मिनल-2 से शुरू हुआ आना-जाना

दुबई के सबसे बड़े हवाई यातायात कम्पनी अमिरात airline ने अपनी हवाई सेवा को दुबारा बहाल किया हैं. आज पहली flight दुबई इंटर्नैशनल हवाई अड्डे से सोमवार सुबह उड़ान भर कर दोपहर में फ़्रांक्फ़ुर्ट लैंड किया.

Dubai’s flagship airline Emirates resumed its special flights after suspension, with the first flight taking off from Dubai International on Monday morning and landing in Frankfurt in the afternoon.
2 और उड़ाने आज थी जो रद्द की गयीं, उसमें लंदन और ज़ुरिक की उड़ाने थी. लेकिन टर्मिनल-2 से उस उड़ान को रद्द किया गया.
Flights to the other two scheduled destinations – Heathrow London and Zurich – were cancelled. The flights are operating from Dubai International’s Terminal 2.
अमिरात को इसी सप्ताह वाणिज्यिक स्पेशल यात्री विमान उड़ाने को मंज़ूरी मिली हैं. जिसके ज़रिए वो लंदन, फ़्रांक्फ़ुर्ट, पेरिस, ब्रसल्ज़, और ज़ुरिक तक उड़ान भरेगा.
Emirates earlier this week received approvals to commence special flights from April 6 from Dubai to five European cities of London, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels and Zurich, with four flights a week to London Heathrow, and 3 flights a week to the other cities.

Along with outbound passengers from the UAE, the flights also carried belly-hold cargo in both directions, supporting trade and communities with the transport of essential goods.
However, it was not revealed how many passengers were onboard the first flight. Thousands of passengers from different countries who wish to go back home are currently in the UAE.
Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline and Group, earlier said that these initial passenger services are limited to travellers who meet the entry requirements set by the destination countries.

“While we hope to resume full operations as soon as possible, we acknowledge the challenges faced by many cities in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak. Our network can only be restored with the easing of travel restrictions, and we maintain close contact with all authorities for latest updates,” Sheikh Ahmed said.

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