सऊदी अरब से 🇮🇳 भारत वापसी का खुला दरवाज़ा: जल्दी कीजिए यहाँ REGISTRATION, दूतावास किया जारी

Embassy of India, Riyadh Information Collection Sheet for Repatriation

1.The purpose of this form is only for collection of information.
2. No decision has been taken yet with regards to resumption of flights to India.
3. As and when a decision is taken by Government of India, the Embassy will make an announcement. This form is to be filled for one individual at a time. For addition of details of family members, it is requested to fill separate form for each member.
4. Once the form is filled, there is no need of sending any further e-mail to the Embassy in this regard.

भारतीय प्रवासी जो इस वक़्त सऊदी अरब में है उनके लिए भारतीय दूतावास ने वापस लौटने के लिए एक फ़ार्म जारी किया है जिसे भरने के उपरांत उन्हें भारत वापस लौटने का मौक़ा मिलेगा हालाँकि फ़्लाइट कबूलेंगी इसकी कोई पुष्टि जानकारी दूतावास में नहीं दी है उसने कहा है जो वापस लौटना चाहता है वह इस फ़ॉर्म को भर लें ताकि दूतावास के पास यह जानकारी रहे हैं और ऐसे लौटने वाले लोगों को डाटाबेस रहे.

Undertaking To Embassy of India, Riyadh

Sub: Consent Form for Repatriation from Saudi Arabia
1. I hereby confirm my willingness to return to India in accordance with the terms of the Embassy.
2. I confirm my readiness to follow all instructions given by the officials of Government of India/ Embassy of India/ Aircraft crew/ medical personnel on arrival.
3. I agree to bear the applicable airfare that will be charged by the airline concerned
4. I agree to undergo a 14 – days mandatory quarantine on my arrival in India at my own expense as per the protocols framed by the Government of India.

फ़ॉर्म भरने का लिंक: https://t.co/K5Hbmr4cFP?amp=1


Indian nationals in Saudi Arabia who seek repatriation to India may kindly fill the form in the following link: forms.gle/PywbFmWc413r3v It is stated that the purpose is only to collect data and no decision has been taken yet regarding resumption of flights to India.

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